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Ideal ratio of Protein and instantised glucose for Intense workout recovery
5g of Creatine
5g of Glutamine with PS and AntiOxidants
5 delicious flavours: Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry & Vanilla
Available in Size: 1.5g, 3kg, 5kg





GMO Free

Nut Free

Recovery Factors (Rapid Carbs, PS, BCAA)
Repair Matrix (CC-Amino Acids, AAKG, Vitamin D3, ZMA)
Preparation Factors (Creatine, L-Glutamine)
Cross training depletes the muscles of their energy source (glycogen) and contractile proteins (branched chain amino acids BCAA). Taking the correct ratio of BCAA, protein and carbohydrate is absolutely critical. The timing is also critical as replenishment is fastest during the 45 minute window after training or competition.
*Protein contributes to a growth in muscle mass and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.


Stabilised Carbohydrate Blend (Activated Barley, Fine Ground Oats, Maltrodextrin), 4 Stage Release Protein Blend (Whey (Milk), Protein Concentrate, Micellar Casein (Milk), Soya Protein Isolate, Rice Protein Isolate), Creatine Monohydrate, Lglutamine, Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine:valine:isoleucine 1:2:1 ratio) Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate Calcium, Phosphatidyl serine, ZMA Vitamin & Mineral Mix (Zinc, Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, Vitamin B6), Flavouring, Vitamin D3.

Directions For UseExpand

Add 3 scoops (65g) to 1 pint water in a Nutrisport shaker. Take immediately after your workout or up to one hour later to maximise recovery. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake of one 65g serving. Store in a cool dry place. For best before see top of cap.

Nutritional DataExpand

per 65g Per 100g* daily serving* ENERGY 1615kJ/384kcals 1050kJ/250kcals Fat 4g 2.6g of which saturates 1.1g 0.75g Carbohydrate 50.0g 32.5g of which sugars 28.0g 18.2g Protein 35.5g 23.0g Sodium 2.50mg 1.66mg Vitamin D3 1000iu 650iu (310% UK RI) *the above results are determined in the absence of water, which may comprise up to 6% as the powder absorbs water from the atmosphere Creatine 7700mg 5000mg L-Glutamine 7700mg 5000mg Isoleucine 385mg 250mg Leucine 770mg 500mg Valine 385mg 250mg ZMA 1200mg 780mg GRAMS OF AMINO ACIDS PER 100g OF PROTEIN Glycine 28 Threonine¹ 4.1 Methionine 2.1 Alanine 3.7 Tyrosine 2.0 Cysteine 1.6 Valine 1,2 6.8 Aspartic Acid 9.8 Lysine 1 6.9 Leucine 1,2 6.9 Phenylalanine 1 4.7 Arginine 1 3.3 Isoleucine 1,2 6.0 Tryptophan 1 1.5 Glutamine/ Serine 4.3 Proline 7.2 Glutamine 16.9 1 - Essential amino acids 2 - Branch chain amino acids PLEASE NOTE: Tryptophan from natural source Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle. Carbohydrates, from all sources, at a total intake of 4g per kg body weight, at doses, within the first 4 hours and no later than 6 hours, following highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle. HALAL * KOSHER * VEGETARIAN FREE FROM NUTS AND MEAT PRODUCTS

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