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Atlas Carbo Charge
Atlas Carbo ChargeAtlas Carbo Charge

Atlas Carbo Charge

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High density mass gainer for maximum calories in the smallest possible shake.
Ideal for hard gainers or young athletes with super fast
Rapidly absorbed so as not to interfere with your normal meals.
High protein meal, not a cheap bulked up shake with low nutritional value.
Easily mixes with water for convenience and a perfect prebalanced nutritional matrix.


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GMO Free

Nut Free


Carbohydrate is the fuel that the body uses during high intensity exercise, so taking the right carbohydrate at the right time can significantly improve performance and recovery. Muscle can only store a limited amount of carbohydrates (muscle glycogen) so this needs to be at a maximum before training and more importantly: replaced during and after training. Depleted levels of glycogen and lack of carbohydrates causes fatigue and impairs exercise. It can also cause the body to break down it’s own tissues for energy! Taking a complex carbohaydrate drink will prevent this. Carbo-Charge is a natural unflavoured complex carbohydrate drink that provides energy for high intensity exercise. Ideal for mixing with water, fruit juice or protein drinks. 


Pure granulate complex carbohydrates extracted from corn.

Directions For UseExpand
Before/during exercise:
Add one and a half dessertspoons (15g)
After exercise:
Add three dessertspoons (30g)
TO 1 PINT COLD WATER and stir briskly. IDEALLY taken with 5g of "Nutrisport Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine" immediately after exercise.
Cold water is best as it leaves the stomach quicker.

Nutritional DataExpand


 Typical values per 100gPer 30g serving
Energy1529kJ and 382.4Kcal

More InformaionExpand
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